125 - Andis


I am happy to present you Andis. He is a Russian DJ based in Kursk. Andis is not only a great DJ who already appeared in many shows, but he is also a great producer. His tracks has been released on Slovo Ritmu and Death Bell Records to name a few. And his third release on Slovo Ritmu will be available soon as well. Andis was happy to create an exclusive mix for us with only tracks from his hand. It has great breaks, hypnotic rhythms and some hard banging techno.



01. Andis - Unreleased

02. Andis - Unreleased

03. Andis - Unreleased

04. Andis - Unreleased

05. Andis - Respawn

06. Andis - Dancing with High Voltage

07. Andis - Dungeons and Bludgeons

08. Andis - Evil Spray

09. Andis - Dancing with Crazy

10. Andis - Dancing with J.M

11. Andis - Intergalactic

12. Andis - Bistro Dub

13. Andis - Dancing at Sunset

14. Andis - Final Loop