134 - St.eve


Sets which combine different emotions are the one that inspire me the most. That is what I did this week as well. The main drive is of course techno, but I included drones and melodies where I thought they should be. While mixing the set it also reminded me of the Global Underground series which I was a really big fan of. I am a big fan of Nick Warren, and the last part of this set has the same feeling. Or that is what I think. So let me know what you think of it.



01. Deepbass – Dreaming Awake

02. ASC - Enchanted

03. Marco Bailey - Chroma (Senal Analogica Remix)

04. Kobarey – Orithyia (Sæbius Side)

05. Virgil Enzinger - Zephyr

06. Foreign Material – Nyx

07. Lunatik & OPL – Candlelight

08. Joton - Antioquia I

09. Below Surface - Crazed Again

10. Aempty - Cathedral Voices

11. LaVal - No Hypocrisy

12. Marco Zenker - Sumit

13. Cardao - Detroit Resistance

14. Niereich - 9am Chord Theory

15. Heiko Laux - The Silent Bass (Extended Version)

16. Artefakt - Weltformel