209 - Cosmic Xplorer

Cosmic Xplorer

Cosmic Xplorer is a man of many talents. He has been host of the Late Night City Stories and started to paint techno-inspired, abstract art as One Man Techno Army, which was an audiovisual live performance where techno sounds met and melted with his own hand crafted and abstract art. The shows took him to Italy, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

Cosmic Xplorer also paint with sounds. His sci-fi motifs, industrial textures and moods that range from paranoid to transcendent provide the detail that keep you locked in for the duration. Rather than getting bogged down in tools or technique, his simple but effective mantra is, does it make you dance and feel good? And as you will discover, the answer to that question is YES!

Enjoy this exclusive set, well crafted by Cosmic Xplorer.



01. Cosmic Xplorer - Hypnosis I / unreleased

02. Viels - Five Feet Under / nonseries

03. Shifted - Dead Pixels / avianstore

04. A Thousand Details - Yoshida-San / obsmus

05. Ian Axide - Vision Of You / emphaticrecords

06. Translate - Clock Perception / platform22

07. Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell - Insyn / philippepetit

08. Alex Schultz - Virtual Violence / alleanza

09. Hattori Hanzo - Stereo Abuse / editselect

10. Sleeparchive - Fork Handles / sleeparchive

11. Reeko - Dogma 03 / semanticarecords

12. Translate - Autonomy Didactics / editselect

13. T Kode - Contatto (Nørbak Remix) / hayescollective

14. Staffan Linzatti - Sacred Code / modularz

15. JSSL - Blush / tokenrecords

16. Tremor - High Alert / subsist