213 - St.eve


I hope you guys are doing fine over there. I have the feeling we are all slowly getting back to normal. I cannot describe what a wonderful feeling that is. But I'm sure you will understand what I'm talking about. So with a bit more patient and goodwill we will get through this very soon. If you didn't do so, get that vaccine. Together we will be strong. And a strong set is what I have for you as well. Lot's of beats with a fast and steady rhythm.



01. Lucy - Luminous

02. PWCCA - Liquid Matter

03. Ø [Phase] - R-Mash

04. Vegim - Kneta

05. Conceptual - Space

06. Obstructor - Chronophobia

07. Rommek - Grintstone

08. Cosmic Xplorer - Hyperloop Concept I (Linear System Translation Remix)

09. Grindvik, Pfirter - Temón

10. ARKVS - Endorphine

11. Drop-E - Distancia de Exclusión

12. concentrate - Ruthless (Antonio de Angelis Remix)

13. DJ Dextro - Fact 2 (A.Paul Redub)

14. Javi Lago - Gothic Quarter

15. Michel Lauriola - Try (Original)

16. Arnaud Le Texier - Bleep

17. Luke Slater - Love (Silent Servant Remix)